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Slide Reassembly - On a totally different note, .22 High Standard HD-Military

Heh there:
First post of mine here as I recently inherited a post-War plinker by High Standard, the common Military-HD 22.

I last fired it when it started jamming beyond usability 20 years ago, but I finally have taken possession of the semi-automatic target pistol and have disassembled the slide.

Somehow in the process I've lost the sear pin spring (part 42-H). I've sourced it on High Standard's site, but where and how to I install it?

Also curious about how to remove ejector pin. I've placed it in a vice and tried a center punch to push out pin no avail. Any suggestions are welcom. Thanks much!
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As near as I can see the ejector is press-fitted in place and will require some force to get it out.
Don't use a center punch....that will only expand the part and cause it to lock tighter in place.
Careful, break it off and it would need precision drilling in a milling machine to get it out. A hand drill or drill press will usually drift off and damage the frame.

If nothing else contact the new High Standard and ask them for suggestions on correct extraction methods. Hammering with a punch and hammer may not be the correct method.

Here's what it looks like:

Part 42H is the sear BAR spring, usually known as a trigger bar spring.
It fits under the trigger bar on the left side of the frame.

In this schematic it's part "LL".

It fits curved side down under the trigger bar and is retained by the side plate.
Install it with the frame and parts inside a large plastic bag so if the spring jumps out you won't lose it.
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Thanks for the thorough help. I called high standard and the rep told me that i did in fact need to push that pin through, only she advised that i push from the top down on the slide. I purchased a 3-piece pin punch set at O'Reillys and broke the right punch on my first {set of} tries, thrilled to have at least broke it free. I returned it and got another set of new pins but they broke, and i used a tiny piece of another part to drive it through. Only to have my device break off inside the pistol.
The spring you referenced i examined, cleaned, and put back but I'm taking about a much shorter spring of similar width. Hopefully i can find the fight part and location.
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Sorry for delay in responding. You'd think somebody who's a web dev go a living could recover his password in a timely fashion but ....
Anyhow the spring i need is actually part 55, the slide lock spring. I took the other 42-h off and cleaned that whole system. I confirmed with the manufacturer that the pin gets driven from the top down, and the driving pin i used broke off inside. Tried making a contraption to use a vice to press it out but unsuccessful so far. All kinds of ugly I've done to the finish trying to get this done. Will update once I've got it out and have replaced the extractor. Probably will shoot the gun a few times before taking the slide in for anondizing after that unless there's a standard (pun intended) process to refinish a gun. Thanks much for the feedback!

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