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Custom Barrel Request for Astra A-100 in 40S&W

Hey, first time here, so hopefully this is where to ask, if at all.

I recently bought my first firearm, an Astra A-100 chambered in .40 S&W. I really enjoy shooting it, but I would like to be able to suppress it, too, or at least put a compensator on it. Unfortunately, the barrel isn't threaded, nor is it long enough to cut threads into it.

My question is, would someone be able to forge or machine a new custom barrel that extends far enough to be threaded for a suppressor or compensator? If so, how much would we be talking for manufacturing and shipping fees? It's a tricky proposition, because the entire gun and one 13rd mag cost me a mere $271 total, and I get the feeling a custom job like this may not be worth it (like putting a Ferrari engine in a Yugo).

If the cost of a custom barrel is too steep, I then have to wonder, are there preexisting threaded barrels that would be compatible with the Astra A-100? I know it's based on one of the Sig P22x series (some say P228, some say P229, etc.), but I already know it's different enough that it won't take Sig mags.

Is anyone familiar enough with the Astra A-100's construction to either get me a quote for a custom barrel, or point me towards a preexisting compatible barrel?

I'm not holding my breath, as it's kind of an obscure weapon, and hasn't been produced since 2006, but any help would be appreciated.
Might be better to save up for a more popular weapon platform if I want to shoot with a suppressor. Still, the sights on the A-100 are unusually high, which makes me think they may possibly be suppressor ready.

Thanks in advance.
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No one made custom barrels for the Astra's, and having one made would be very expensive as in hundreds of dollars.

Then too it wouldn't be easy to find a Master pistolsmith who can actually manufacture a "one-off" pistol barrel.

The only option I can think of would be to have the barrel sleeved.
This involves cutting the barrel off right in front of chamber, drilling that rear section out and brazing a new barrel into the rear section.

Some cheaper 1911 pistol barrels are made this way. They usually work.
A good pistolsmith (not a local general gunsmith) could probably do this.

I can recommend talking to Frank Glenn and Spartan Gunsmithing about the possibility of them doing this.

Frank Glenn-Glenn Custom Complete Gunsmithing Service Glendale AZ

Both of these seem to be faster then most other shops.
Other possibilities....

Professional Gunsmith - Accurate Plating & Weaponry | Cogan Custom

Smith Gun ? Professional Gunsmithing

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I also consulted with a local weapon smith, and he said it just isn't worth the trouble for such an inexpensive weapon.

Looks like my A-100 is gonna stay loud, and that's fine, as it has a really good sounding report, IMHO.

I'll do more research into pistols that are good for suppressors, and just get one of those... not a Glock, though, as the grips on those are just awful. Maybe one of the Walthers would be a good choice for a suppressor? I really love the grips on those.

Also, as I'm new to all this, am I wrong to want to go with a large subsonic caliber like 45ACP when using a suppressor? If using subsonic 9mm, would most pistols need a lighter spring to prevent constant stove piping or complete lack of cycling due to the lower pressure? My brother tried some subsonic .22 ammo in his Ruger 10/22, and though the rifle didn't even make a sound, it wouldn't cycle. I wonder if that'd be an issue with 9mm subsonic ammo, and if it's better to go with a pistol with ammo that is natively subsonic.
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With popular brand autos you can buy lighter or heavier recoil springs.

Usually you try different springs until you find one that will reliably cycle with a silencer attached.
Some newer pistol models are already threaded for silencers.

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